Luka's Auto's is a company recognized by the Netherlands' national authority for road traffic (RDW) and is an official partner of Cargo-export (a Dutch company specialized in the administrative services of export documentation to support the transport of vehicles abroad). We offer you the following services:


  • Certificate of indemnity: You will immediately receive a certificate of indemnity and the invalidated certificate of ownership to pass on to the seller. Any excess road tax that has been paid by the original owner will be repaid by the RDW from the date the vehicle's registration changes.


  • Dealers license plates: You can do a test-drive with any of our vehicles and the car will be insured.


  • Export services: We can provide your vehicles with the right export documents, possibly with 14 day insurance and export number plates.


  1. Export number plates: When you intend to use a vehicle that has been registered for export on public roads, i.e. drive it to its destination country, you will require an export registration number. After all, the Dutch number plates are destroyed when the vehicle is registered for export. The export registration number will subsequently be valid for a period of 14 days. In other words, you have 14 days to drive the vehicle to its destination country. However, an export registration number can only be issued when the vehicle still has a valid APK (MOT) certificate. If the APK certificate expires before the end of the 14-day period, the expiry date of the export registration number is the same as the APK expiry date.
  2. Green Card: We can temporarily insure your export vehicle with a Green Card. This international insurance certificate offers liability insurance and has a 14-day term of validity.



  • EAD Customs document: When exporting a vehicle to a country outside the European Union, you may need to go through a Declaration of Export procedure at the customs authority and an EAD Customs Document needs to be drawn up. In the following situations you will at any rate need an EAD:


  1. the VAT 0% rate needs to be established
  2. a EUR.1 Certificate is required
  3. the vehicle needs to be shipped


We will print you an output document with an international MRN (Movement Reference Number) code which allows you to track the export of your vehicle.